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Mak Ninja

Mak Ninja settles down to live the humble life of a villager, but she struggles to finish her chores or even cook a single edible dish. After a horde of zombies invades her village, she catches the hero bug, living a double life of a housewife and the village’s ninja protector! However, she accidentally reignites an ancient feud between rival ninja clans… will the peace of her village be shattered forever?

Why Mak Ninja?

The story of Mak Ninja expresses the Asian mysticism of martial arts, the nostalgia of traditional Malay villages, alongside a fun and unconventional protagonist who subverts the usual superhero stereotypes.


Mak Ninja is a middle-aged, plus sized housewife who is far from perfect, but still a wonderful hero. Her story would be empowering for people of all demographics, especially women. While the show has its colourful, comedic cast of characters, each with their own motive and backstory, the overarching story holds elements of action and mystery as

Mak Ninja reveals ancient secrets about the ninja clans in her village.


The richness of Southeast Asian culture is yet to be explored, and there will always be something new to discover.

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